Tailored Yarn

Preserving Memories, Bringing Healing and Comfort to Bereaved Children Through Stories

This Story Tailor designs watercolour illustrations not clothes, stitching together words and ideas, not pieces of material.

The most creative, suitable and desirable way to help your child deal with their grief

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Do you worry about how quickly your child’s memories of a loved one might fade?

That’s where Tailored Yarn can really help.

We create specially designed fictional stories which preserve memories. These are like the popular idea of memory boxes but in the unique form of a unique literature legacy.

Here at Tailored Yarn our mission is to bestow a gift of a specially designed book to every child facing grief or loss of a significant person in their life.

What are Bespoke Bereavement Books?

I would not be surprised if you have never heard of this term before. Bespoke bereavement books are a unique way of capturing family memories in a fictional children’s story which are carefully and individually tailored to each individual.

It’s similar to the popular idea of memory boxes where we store objects reminding us of a lost love one. Each fictional story will contain characters and places which are familiar and overflow with family memories, achievements, quirky habits, hopes, and dreams.

Interesting details will be woven together with colorful threads of each individual’s unique family history and delicately embroidered with parental wisdom.

This is the ideal way to provide comfort and healing to young children who are struggling on a journey through grief.

Who is this Story Tailor?

My name is Gillian Seale and I have the curious title of being a STORY TAILOR who brings COMFORT and HEALING to children who have lost a loved one while PRESERVING MEMORIES by creating a UNIQUE FICTIONAL LITERATURE LEGACY.

Gillian Seale
Gillian Seale Children’s Author and Illustrator

Unlike other professional tailors, I design watercolour illustrations not clothes, stitching together words and ideas, not pieces of material. What we do have in common is we spend many hours crafting our products for each individual so they fit perfectly.

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How can they possibly be free with hundreds of hours to create each one?

Details of how we provide our own funding in order to give these away for free can be found here. The short answer is we are a community interest company that can apply for outside funding as well as operating profitable areas of the business like workshops.

What is the inspiration behind Tailored Yarn?

wrote and illustrated my first children’s book for a close friend who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the age of eleven. It is a mystery adventure about pixies who deliver post in the woodland. Books available by Gillian Seale can be found here. This will give you an idea of what you could expect from our personalised story creation service.

I would love one for my child. How do I get started?

Go to the bespoke book page and select your favourite story from the options availible or have a new story created from scratch and designed exactly to match your journey.

We will send you a questionnaire for details to make the book completely personal for your child.