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As an alternative to children’s watercolour workshops during these difficult times of corona virus isolation Tailored Yarn has had to adapt. I’ve enjoyed painting watercolors and using calligraphy for inspirational quotes for many years. As a child I didn’t have the confidence or believe that it was possible to make a career as an artist. I’m now trying to prove that old theory wrong. I would love to meet other artists and etsy businessess for help and tips.

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Who lives here?

Who lives here?

When I asked my kids this question I wasn’t expecting the answer to be Donald Trump. To be fair this was my youngest and she’s only six. Having established who the rightful owner was the conversation took a downturn when I asked which country President Trump resided over and the response was Africa.

Possibly a political quiz may be required during our time at home. Interestingly improving children’s knowledge on world affairs is what has prompted Jonathan Garry to write his children’s book on politics, leading to this illustration of 10 Downing Steet, which I’ve just completed.

Are you ever surprised at kids knowledge (could be in an impressive or concerning way)?

Have you considered the place politics and world affairs may feature in your home schooling timetable?

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Volunteer Work

Have you ever done any voluntary work that you feel has really made a difference

This week I took a day out of the Tailored Yarn schedule to give a presentation to a group of mental health professionals at Manchester Royal Infirmary on a training course. I retold my story along with another volunteer from the national charity Action on Postpartum Psychosis. The audience told us how much they appreciated our imput as being more valuable learning about psychosis after childbirth from individuals who had lived through the illness than by textbook. I think this shows how something positive can come from our most difficult experiences.

Raising awareness and challenging the stigma are my two main reasons for writing my second book which will be called “Mummy’s Amazing Rainbow Mind”. It might be the first children’s book that’s ever been written on this subject and I’m currently completing the illustration work.

I’d love to hear about your experiences of voluntary work

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Introducing Isha Harris


I am an artist and a writer who is working on a new book, “When you think of me” which deals with memories, loss and hope. I recently joined the Tailored Yarn team and am looking forward to publishing this book and supporting families through their bereavement process in this way

There has always been a strong draw for me towards writing and painting. At the heart of it, I love people, life and stories.

I’ve encountered many obstacles; for starters English isn’t my first language. I don’t have an undergrad degree in English or Art. But despite these obstacles I’ve managed to find a way around it. I’m so grateful to friends who have believed in me. Since setting out on this journey I have completed a Masters in Creative Writing and had several exhibitions. I have one coming up in July.

Flying Fish

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International Woman’s Day

Today, I think it’s worth mentioning the great scheme SheCan 365 which is run by volunteers, writing daily articles of female entrepreneurs, who have made an impact on their local and wider community. I was interviewed on the 11th November, as my new business Tailored Yarn, helping families with terminal illness to preserve memories through stories, had caught the attention of the team.

Gillian Seale’s Article Day 249

The project was inspired by Helen Pritchard and the interviews and article writing were compiled by Christian and Michelle Ewing over the space of a year. They made each one 365 words long with a photograph of the featured female entrepreneur. They are now using the articles to form the basics of a book which will be published over the coming months. This is a great way to share these amazing stories with a wider audience.