Funding Strategy

Funding Explained

We we will not be charging families directly for the number of hours spent writing them. Instead they can be turned into special legacies, bestowed as gifts. The creator of Tailored Yarn, Gillian Seale, has been committed to writing children’s books for many years prior to developing her community investment company (CIC). You may be wondering what a CIC is. It basically means that having a profitable side to the business, such as workshops and selling books, allows us to develop the work which we are most passionate about as a non profit side to the business. The good news is that this makes these special uniquely tailored stories more affordable.

Illustration Work

If you have a project that requires an illustrator we would be happy to help.

School Workshops

We are looking to run illustration classes in schools, libraries and hospices.

Etsy Art & Craft Shop

We have a selection of inspirational calligraphy quotes sold online.

A million dreams…

Finally want the unique bespoke books that we write and illustrate to be enjoyed by millions of families. If you have children who adore reading like mine do then browse our selection of children’s titles.

Drop by the Tailored Yarn Bookshop and check out the amazing books on offer!


Each books sold gives a donation to a charity chosen by the family it was tailored for.