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I set up a business a year ago to preserve family memories through fictional stories. I am embarking on a challenging journey to try and create unique NHS legacy books which would be an entirely charitable venture. These will attempt to capture and preserve the memories and stories of our NHS frontline workers in depth and detail that has not been researched so far.

The people of the UK have been amazed and in awe of our NHS staff, clapping them on a weekly basis. Simply put, every one of us is truly indebted for what they have done for us.

My heart is breaking for the grieving families and staff who have lost their colleagues. It is almost overwhelming at times, with the numbers reported.

It actually occurred to me recently, that the task of compiling favourite stories, achievements and amusing anecdotes of their loved ones might offer a unique way of sharing and exchanging this information. This is something that, given the strange circumstances, families and friends have been unable to exchange properly, not being able to meet at the pub to raise a glass or even attend funerals during lockdown.

Matt Hancock during his speeches made the comment that we are trying to identify an appropriate way to remember and celebrate these individuals. This really struck a chord with me, as personally, that is what my work at Tailored Yarn is all about. I feel that creating a book in honour of NHS Frontline Workers’ service, is a great way to celebrate their lives and a project that the people of the UK could all contribute to in order to show their appreciation.

These books will preserve memories by capturing the NHS staff names, the depth of their service and compassion, the voices of the people they saved, and their NHS story in order to celebrate their lives, and use their names to inspire the children of the future.

The aim is to create two books; a non-fiction book to capture real life stories and a fictional book to inspire the young (5-10 year olds), with both books celebrating the lives of our NHS workers on the frontline. The fictional book uses the roles and jobs of NHS staff, in a story setting to celebrate their service within the NHS. The book will use a combination of facts around actions of our NHS frontline workers, within a fictional setting to create an inspiring story for children.

The non-fiction book will capture the motivations of these individuals, the personal perspectives from family and staff, and also the patients they have saved. These NHS staff deserve recognition. It is a perfect way for the people of the UK to feel proud and take a moment to truly understand, appreciate and show their respects to these individuals and their journeys. Every affected family and hospital across the UK will be offered a copy of this book as a poignant memory of their relative or colleague.

The names of these NHS staff will be included in the book as a point of factual reference under each chapter – which is a mini story in itself.

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