Welcome to the Tailored Yarn Bookshop
where you can purchase books cheaper than anywhere else online
by going directly through the author herself.

Tailored Yarn is currently working on three projects

Postpixie Missing in Action
Now for Sale
£1 on every book sold goes to muscular dystrophy UK charity
Mummy’s Amazing Rainbow Mind
Is nearly complete and is about maternal mental health
NHS Superheroes Project
To celebrate and remember
the lives of NHS Frontline workers who have passed away during the corona virus outbreak

I’m interested in the bespoke bereavement books idea

If you want a story specially designed for a child who has either already lost a loved one or is facing a bereavement then please contact us by email.

You can either pay for alterations of an already existing story or fundraise for a new one to be written. Don’t worry, we will prepare all the crownfunding pages for you. All you have to do is share with friends and family so they can receive a copy of your special book.

This will include a series of workshops to ensure the book created is perfectly aligned to your individual tastes and expectations. We will walk step by step through the process with you from cover to cover.

Some of the proceeds from future book sales can also go towards your choice of charity.